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  Frequently Asked Questions  

  • How much does a treehouse cost?
In general, most children's treehouses we build cost between $4,000 - $20,000. If we are building a larger tree-home for adults or commercial purposes, prices can increase above this range.

We understand that this is a very big range, but it's quite difficult to pin the cost of a typical treehouse when we don't really build a typical treehouse over and over. Each treehouse varies greatly depending many factors such as:

- Type, size, and number trees
- Size, complexity and height of treehouse
- Matetials and hardware used
- Your location

  • How long does it take to build a treehouse?
Again, it really depends on what we are building, but in general it might take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

  • I think I want a treehouse! What are the first steps?
Once you've decided that you want a treehouse and thought some about your budget, the best way to get started is to contact us and schedule a treehouse consultation. This will jump start the design process and give us chance to discuss any ideas you might have.

Don't wait for summer to end!

  • Do you charge for consultations?
We can do free estimates over the phone but for a site visit and consultation we do charge a small fee to cover our time and travel.

  • What's next after that?
Usually, during the consultation we gather as much information from you about your ideas for the project as we can. There's often some brainstorming and initial conceptualizing of what the treehouse will be. From here we take these ideas and develop them into a solid design proposal for your treehouse.

  • What kind of design services do you offer?
We can do very thorough treehouse design work creating schematic drawings and 3D renderings so you can see what your treehouse is going to look like before it's even built. (Be aware that the nature of treehouses is to go with the flow, and sometimes the best laid plans won't make full sense up in the canopy. So we must have a sense of flexibilty when trying to build to plans in our living foundation.)

  • Do you charge for your design services?
The initial draft as well as one round of slight alteratons and minor tweaking are free. This first draft usually consists of a conceptual 3D redering with a basic floor plan schematic including any add-ons of course) For any design work after this, standard design rates would apply.
  • I thought you were in the Baltimore/D.C. area?
We were! We had four great years there and have since moved to Louisville, KY. We can still consult in the Baltimore/D.C. area and will even build treehouses depending on the project. See below.
  • How far will you travel to build a treehouse?
This really depends on the project. Some smaller projects don't really justify the burden and cost of traveling, but the right project can send us across the country.

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